History of TE-OX

The discovery of new materials enabling breakthroughs at electronic device level will allow a fast development of more energy efficient electronic functions solving major challenges addressing societal targets in the main domains such as energy, climate, environment and health. To be fast and fully efficient, this discovery has to be driven by modeling and simulation of materials’ the physical properties depending on the requirements of end users. Such a way of discovery was previously initiated in the years 2006 to 2009 in a European FET Open project for Transparent Conductive Oxides (NATCO: New Advanced Transparent Conductive Oxides).

This will be again implemented by TE-OX in the frame of National and EU projects to discover (or improve) materials suitable for our main targeted applications. It will be done for the development of new RF electronic devices such as RF switches, Phase shifters up to Antenna but also for beyond CMOS and integrated with CMOS technology in “mezzanine” architectures.

In a very close future, with the development of Internet of Things, more than billions of devices will be interconnected. The CMOS technology approaches end-of-scaling, and the challenge is reformulated in terms on speed of signal treatment (up to the THz), energy efficiency and functional diversification dealing with integrated computing, sensing, RF and energy management functions. In order to address these new challenges the role of devices exploiting new materials and properties becomes critically important.

Answering to these two main challenges TE-OX proposes to develop new Ultra-Fast electronic devices based on Metal Insulator Phase transition material (VO2) with the objective to search for the best materials allowing large improvements of the devices’ performances for the targeted applications.



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