Materials - Ultra fast electronic devices



Design, Modeling and simulation - Physical Analysis
Optical measurements - Electrical Testing

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Epitaxial Growth Techniques - Nanowires and nanorods

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Innovative technology

Smart by Materials and Architecture of devices

TE-OX “ultra-fast” electronics technology reduces the cost of operating communications systems while improving their performances and reducing energy consumption

Main Activities

TE-OX aims to develop, manufacture and commercialize new “ultra-fast” electronic devices in the sub-ns range by exploiting the fast temporal nature of Phase-Transition in strongly-correlated systems and will extend its activity on Oxide-based Electronic devices.

TE-OX aims to penetrate market niches in Defense, Aeronautics, Space, Automotive and Mobile Communications Economic sectors.

TE-OX is an interface between Fundamental Research and Industrial Innovation and Exploitation.

Through its deep knowledge of Academics and Industry, TE-OX will boost the Technology transfer from Research to Applications through a strong cooperation with the “Société d’Acceleration de Transfert Technologique” (SATT) in France.

Innovative solutions

Through its expertise and its large cooperation with Academics and Industry, TE-OX can also answer to your needs in Industrial Innovation:

•Expertise and services in modeling and simulation, manufacturing of new materials, physical analysis, devices testing and specific measurements

•Technological feasibility studies for your products

•Analysis and Development of new processes

From Laboratory to operational environment, TE-OX will bring you all support to validate your technologies.

By driving in parallel Research and Industrial Development activities TE-OX aims to reduce the “time to market “for the new ultra-fast electronic devices.

TE-OX has got a financial grant, a logistic support and business management expertise from the « Reseau Entreprendre ».