Design, Modeling and Simulation

HFSS, CST Microwave Suite, ADS, COMSOL

The devices (phase shifters, BFN, phased array antenna) are designed using commercial electromagnetic solvers (HFSS and CST Microw. studio) and circuit design tools (ADS). The technological constraints for manufacturing are taken into account at the early stages of the design phase.
The phased arrays are designed to reach ultra-broadband characteristics with the ability to scan ultra-fast the main beam direction over a wide field of view (in collaboration with IETR).

Physical analysis

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Spectroscopy allows the determination of local chemistry and microstructural analysis with the determination of phases. It is a well suited instrument to characterize oxide materials but also the evolution of these materials after processing during the fabrication of devices.

Moreover this technique allows the measurement of the local temperature and is well suited for reliability analysis.

X-ray diffraction

TE-OX is working in cooperation with Thales Research and Technology and the SP2M laboratory (through the project NANOMAT) to get access to Xray diffractometers such as Θ-2Θ method for textured thin films and determination of pole-figures for epitaxially grown thin films.

Optical measurements

M-lines method

This technique allows the determination of optical indices of transparent thin layers as well as the optical losses during propagation of a guided optical wave in the thin layer.

UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy

Under construction.

Pump-probe techniques

Under development at TE-OX for the optical control of the phase transition in Metal-Insulator Materials such as VO2.

Electrical testing of RF switches

Under construction.